103 Broughton Road, Moncks Corner, South Carolina 29461

Teen Mom 2 Star Arrested in South Carolina

Teen Mom 2 Star Arrested in South Carolina

Teen Mom 2 Star Arrested in South Carolina

What exactly is the Teen Mom 2 arrest charge about?

It appears that the North Myrtle Beach Police made an arrest within their municipality utilizing their local ordinance for Breach of the Peace.

The body of the ordinance is listed below:

North Myrtle Beach Ordinance.

Sec. 16-8. Breach of the peace.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person on or upon any public street or other public place within the city to commit any breach of the peace, public disturbance or riot, or to take any action which because of its nature is likely to incite, provoke or otherwise bring on any public disturbance or riot; and furthermore it shall be unlawful for any such act to be committed on private premises within the city when located in such proximity to the public streets or other public places as to be likely to bring about a disturbance therein.

(b) It shall be unlawful to cause a public disturbance of a nature that will disturb or interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the public peace by other property owners in the vicinity. (Code 1970, § 19-14) State law reference— Offenses tending to breach of peace, S.C. Code 1976, § 16-7-110 et seq.

These type of statutes have been scrutinized by appellate courts, and a similar statute was the determined to be unconstitutionally “vague because the words (in the statute) are not sufficiently definite to give reasonable notice of the prohibited conduct.” City of Greenville vs. Joseph Bane, (2010). In this case a street preacher was vindicated for his exercise of free speech. The South Carolina Supreme Court referenced in this decision the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion of Edwards vs. South Carolina (1963).