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Still married after a long separation?

Still married after a long separation?

This is not a call for divorce. This a call to consider putting a legal end to something individuals have attempted to put to a false practical end.

Through my 20 years of practice I have encountered countless clients who have been separated from a spouse for significant periods of time, both spouses have moved forward in other relationships, and live as though the marriage or the other individual does not exist. These situations result in significantly complicated estate, retirement and health related issues. They also result in complications if a new marriage is contemplated.

For some who may read this, they desire to re-marry, but have the obvious road block of the existing marriage. For some who may read this, they have entered into a new marriage without ending the first. Face the problem. Common excuses: “I do not now how to find them.” Lawyer replies, “If they can’t be located, they normally can be served by publication.” “What will I tell the people in my life currently” Lawyer replies, “If you do not address the matter in your life, your loved ones may be left with the irreconcilable fallout with estate issues.