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Pay Child Support? Moved? Then Change your address with the Clerk of Court.

Pay Child Support? Moved? Then Change your address with the Clerk of Court.

Pay Child Support? Moved? Then Change your address with the Clerk of Court.

Question: “I pay child support, do I have to inform the Clerk of Court I moved?”

If you pay child support in South Carolina, the answer is “Yes.” People frequently move. Can the Clerk use the change of address information to find you, “Yes”, but you if they cannot locate you and need to for enforcement purposes, the “ Arrest Warrant” is their only tool to cast a net to locate you.

Change of address notices are not just for your bank accounts, mom, and friends. They are also for the Clerk of Court in the County of South Carolina that enforces your child support Order. It is difficult to prevail in Court if you do not appear. If a payer of child support cannot be located to be served a Rule to Show Cause for non-payment, the Court may issue a warrant if sufficient amounts, or numbers of payments are in arrears.

Follow this link for the mailing addresses to the Clerk of Courts for each County of South Carolina.

Mailing address for Clerks of Court, South Carolina

If you move, write a letter with your name, your complete new address, your updated telephone numbers, and if possible, the case number from your child support or divorce case. Consider mailing a copy to your ex-spouse, or the receiver of the support payments. Most importantly, take the original letter and file it with the Clerk of Court, and ask that they give you a filed copy for your records. If you are mailing to the Clerk of Court for filing, include an extra copy of your letter, include a self-addressed stamped envelope, and ask that they return a filed copy to you to keep for your records. Your evidence of filing is the timed, dated, stamp from the Clerk’s Office that will include the Clerk’s Seal.

Maybe your move occurred sometime ago, if you are unsure if the Clerk of Court has your current address, err on the side of caution – follow the same above steps to (1) inform the Clerk of Court of your address, or (2) confirm that they have the correct information on file.

While taking these steps, you may also consider a review of the amount of child support you are paying for a number of reasons — for example, your income has decreased, one or more of your children have been emancipated, work related child care is no longer required, or your ex-spouse / custodial parent of your children has increased their income. Before you ever seek a child support modification, confirm that the request will be advantageous or worth the effort of the

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